Snack Like a Cheesehead

Dominican High School Students Claim the Best Playoff Snack Foods

By Tess Gronski

Grocery stores across the state of Wisconsin have set aside tables of food just for the Packer game this upcoming Sunday. Photo By Elizabeth Wycklendt.

Right around game day, grocery stores are usually packed with football fans picking up some last minute snacks. With the playoffs winding down, Dominican High School students discuss the ideal football game food and drinks.

This weekend, Packers fans are getting eager to root for their team against rival team the Chicago Bears. It is only natural that fans will be getting together to celebrate the exciting game. For those either planning on watching the game alone or with friends, being prepared with the best game food is essential. Haji Camara, Dominican High School senior, says that taco dip is hands down the best snack for watching a football game. Another senior, Kevin Krieg, chooses popcorn instead. Ricky Lee, a Dominican High School junior, roots for the Packers with “a bowl of Doritos chips,” adding, “they’re just a nice snack.”

If you are gathering around the television for the game, sophomore Isaiah Septer suggests serving “pizza and chips. Also, soda-don’t forget soda.” These three foods are ideal because as senior James Luy explains, “it is all finger food. You can still focus on the game, and enjoy some snacks.” Luy says he would “rather watch the game at home rather than attend the game.” He explains that it is better because you can support your team with friends and family. He also emphasizes the benefit of having any snacks in the warmth and comfort of your own home. While watching the game, “I always have cheese dip. My mom makes it when the Packers play– it’s delicious.” Another popular snack at the Luy household is Costco brand hot wings.

After you have planned the perfect game day celebration, break out the spirit green and gold wear and get ready to root for the Packers.  Many fans are getting excited for the game by singing the unofficial Green Bay Packer anthem, Fly Like a Cheesehead. Go Pack go!

To listen to Fly Like a Cheesehead, click the following link:


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