Head of School Selected

Dominican Welcomes Ms. Colleen Brady
Contributers: Lily Vartanian and Dylan Mooney

Following a year-long, confidential selection process, the Board of Directors at Dominican High School along with the Sinsinawa Dominicans made a very special announcement this afternoon. Relieving skepticism of the student body, it was announced that Ms. Colleen Brady, an ideal candidate, has been selected as the new Head of School.  She is expected to fully implement her role in July.

Newly appointed Head of School Ms. Brady.

Ms. Brady possesses wide-ranging leadership abilities, demonstrating a high level of success in her educational career. She served as President/ CEO of Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa, Florida for seven years, as well as at St. Mary’s Springs School in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for three years. She has expressed her belief in collaborative leadership, which is reflective of the Dominican institution.

Furthermore, she has made a substantial impact on development, curriculum, enrollment management and communications in schools and non-profit organizations alike.

The Board of Directors put candidates through a rigorous process in order to ensure the best possible candidate would be selected as the new Head of School. Mr. Foy, the current Dean of Academics, had the opportunity to partake in the selection process. Upon his first interview with Ms. Brady, Foy was “very impressed.”

“During the interview, I could see she was very passionate about Catholic schools, as well as working with the students,” says Foy. Although her duties as Head of School will not be put into place until July 1, 2010, Brady has already shown a great deal of enthusiasm to get to know the school, faculty, staff, as well as students. She will take the opportunity, starting March 15, to become more familiar with the Dominican community through weekly visits.

Ms. Brady distinguishes herself as a promising leader in several ways, and Leanne Giese of the Development Office enjoys her character. Giese, who coordinates alumni relations and contacts donors, believes that Ms. Brady “has many wonderful thoughts for the future.”  Brady’s strict desire to avoid ‘ownership’ and ‘learn from the Dominican community’ are qualities revealing of her desire to benefit Dominican and provide faculty with a warm confidence.

“She has a great sense of what it means to be Christian, and is knowledgeable of both education and development,” says Mrs. Giese, when asked of her initial impression during the interview process.

Overall, Ms. Brady’s enthusiasm and extensive experience, in addition to her quest for accomplishment within the Dominican community, make her the perfect choice for the position.

Though she is unable to be reached for an interview as of this publication, please return to DHSKnightlyNews next week to hear from the future Head of School herself.

Please feel free to submit any question ideas you may have for Ms. Brady to any member of the DHSKnightlyNews staff or simply comment below.

The Dominican community welcomes Ms. Brady and anticipates success under her leadership. 


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  1. This sounds like a great and well thought out selection to continue to lead Dominican back to its glory days!

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