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Couple of the Week: Alexandra Dujmic and George Wong

Written by atorresseay

Welcome to our Couple of the Week segment of this newspaper written by junior Joseph Birmingham and senior Anjel Seay. A few days ago, we sat down with George Wong and Alex Dujmic who exciteAlex Dujmic and George Wongdly let us interview them as our first couple, here’s what we talked about:

Anjel: How long have you guys been dating?

We have been dating for 3.5 (lovely) months.

Anjel: What made you guys attracted towards each other?

Alex: I was attracted to George because of his personality and how funny he was…  and how he is not afraid to say what he wants (as we all know).

George: Physics 4th hour, but it really seemed like we had chemistry 😉 I like her hair, her smile, and her contagious laugh. Also her honesty.

Joseph: What are your favorite activities to do with each other?

Alex and George: We love to go to Target, play video games such as Madden, Mario Cart, Cooking Mama, Call of Duty, iMessage games (George says he always “wins” … he doesn’t), eating Ramen, trying new places to eat, and studying for math tests.

Joseph: How often do you guys have arguments and disagreements? Are they big fights or small disputes?

Alex and George: We have small disputes almost every day. Sometimes we don’t even know what they are about. Mr. Mueller usually calms us down at lunch.

Anjel: How would you describe each other’s personalities in the relationship?

George: Alex’s personality is lively, exciting, adventurous, tasteful, sassy, and open.

Alex: Georges personality is funny, outgoing, amazing, and so, so fun.

 Joseph: What advice would you give to other couples? Especially younger couples in the school?

Alex and George: Be honest, be prepared, be adventurous, be affectionate, be yourselves.

It was our pleasure to interview George and Alex and we’re so happy to see them doing well and being great examples for our younger relationships at Dominican High School! Come back next week for a new couple and more adventures!

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