Gadget: Non-falling water bottle

Gadget name: Non-Falling water bottle

Gadget type: Daily Necessities

Gadget price: $10-30Mighty-Mug-Creative-Non-fall-Thermal-Water-Bottle-Stainless-Steel-Insulation-Magic-Sucker-Cup-Tea-Vacuum


Have you ever knock over your water bottle and spilled out water accidentally? You do not have to worry about it anymore!

The Non-Falling water bottle, or “The Mighty Mug” was introduced 4 years ago with an idea of safety for everyone. The water bottle has a suction pad at the bottom and a vacuum mechanism. When you press down the bottle, it provides a strong grip on the surface, and prevents it from tipping over in any direction except up. As you pull it upwards, the vacuum releases air through the side. It is also a double-layer bottle; you can use it to keep warm water!

Please watch this video in the link to check out this water bottle!

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