Dominican High School Makes a Splash with “Big Fish”

Written by grbrown

What is Big Fish about?

Based on the film, the musical Big Fish tells the story of a quarreling father (Edward Bloom) and son (Will). The show is the retelling of Edward’s elaborate and exaggerated stories about his life as he suffers from terminal cancer, which leaves an empty void in Will’s heart that he must fill while there is still time.

Big Fish at Dominican High School

A month into the rehearsal process and Big Fish is practically on its feet. The cast has worked extremely hard and has embraced how different this show is from anything Dominican has ever done. Big Fish was originally performed on Broadway with a small cast of about 15-20 people. The ambitious director of Dominican High School’s Big Fish, Jeff Schaetzke, has taken this challenge and turned this tiny musical into a 40-person ensemble.

Because of this, new talent is beginning to reveal itself in the underclassmen. Sophomore Maura Linn (Ensemble) amazes me every day with her hard work on the tap dance number, “Red, White, and True” that kicks off the second act of the show. Lizzie Kuesel (Ensemble), also a Sophomore and Freshman Mary Mitchell (Ensemble) continue to dazzle us every day with their positivity and all around smiles. Jenna Alberti (The Witch) has shown obvious natural ability in her character’s vocally demanding song very early in the first act.

picture 3

Jarred Manista (Edward) and Bennet Artman (Karl) practice “Be the Hero”.


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