From the Editor, New Years 2018

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This Christmas break marked the sixty-first Christmas for Dominican High School. As the years go by the traditions still remain. Everything from the various dress-up days the week before break to the Santa suit that is said to be hidden somewhere in the Admissions Office, there is plenty of spirit all throughout the school. However, there is a new tradition that has emerged that will hopefully last forever. This new entity is this newspaper.

My name is Kieran Arnold and I am the Chief Editor for the DHS Knightly News. I am truly honored with this position and I am hyped for the semester ahead. In this column, from the Editor, I will give my weekly opinion and sometimes weekly satirical opinion on something that has occurred at Dominican in the past week.

As you know the auditions for the Talent Show 2018 have been in full swing and the excitement for the event has been in the air. A long list of students have auditioned with the hope of being on that stage for the most entertaining show that has been a standing tradition of Dominican. The Senior Student Council has always had the responsibility, along with an adult moderator, of overseeing the show and all of the elements that go along with it. Overall, the Talent Show is always one of the main highlights of the school year and I along with the rest of the student body are looking forward to the show!


Kieran Arnold,

Chief Editor, Knightly News


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