“Lonely, I’m Not” a Hit

We recently put on a play in the little theater. It was called “Lonely, I’m Not.” This show was directed by Ms. O’Neill. This cast included students from all grade levels, listed as follows: Oscar Eck, Bennet Artman, Anne Linn, Annie Desing, Emmy Weinsch, Hannah Jablonowski, Michelle Mitchell, Joey Mitchell, Grace Brown, Marie Foss, and Addison Johnson.

The play’s premise surrounds a guy who doesn’t quite seem to have his life together and a blind girl who seems like she does have everything together. They meet, fall in love, and help each other through all their problems and issues.

The show was directed very well, the actors did a great job, and the sets were amazing. We should thank the stage crew for all their hard work, Ms. O’Neill for directing, and the actors, who were able to put on this amazing show. Come see Dominican Theater again for their winter musical “In the Heights” on February 17th-19th. More information will be provided as the musical approaches.

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