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Dominican Serves More Than 400 at St. Ben’s

Written by Isa Crespo

One hundred eighty pounds of meatloaf and seventy pounds of salad.  That, and more, is how much it takes to help feed a small portion of 405 hungry people who don’t have the means to get it themselves.  Last Sunday, Dominican provided this meal at St. Ben’s.  Many volunteers came in to help out with the preparation of the food, including DHS parents, students, and other relatives.  People were busy chopping vegetables, boiling and peeling eggs, and of course, making meatloaf.  A vast amount of trail mix (about 420 bags) was also put together for giving to people after their meal.

Just outside of the kitchen, Open House was taking place where Sophie Mueller, Will Jelacic, Kevin Linn, and I worked on informing the future Knights and their parents about what St. Ben’s is all about and why we have been partners with St. Ben’s for over 20 years. The Open House attendees were given the chance to give of themselves and take part in the process. Besides that, they were shown that the pillar of community in the cafeteria is not just for show. Dominican lives by its motto of giving its time to the community of the poor in Milwaukee.  Although it takes a lot of work, it brings the community together to do something good for the city.

Later that day, several other students had the opportunity to actually serve the meal at St. Ben’s.  It is quite the experience seeing just how many people need help in the city. They are so grateful and it makes all of the hard work worth it.

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